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AMD 100-506116 Pro Graphics Vic AMD Instinct MI100 Graphic Card
  • Open & Portable AMD ROCm Ecosystem, PCIe Gen 4 x16 Ready GPU

  • World’s Fastest HPC GPU, up to 11.5 TFLOPs Peak FP64 Performance

  • Designed on AMD CDNA Architecture with 120 Compute Units (7,680 cores)

  • 32 GB Ultra-fast HBM2 ECC Memory with up to 1.2 TB/s Memory Bandwidth

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Intel BD-ACD-D5005-1 FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card Dual QSFP28 Ports: 2x100G, Micro-USB Dual Slot
  • Designed to accelerate Data Center Applications

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NVIDIA 900-21001-0020-100 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) A100 80GB HBM2e Memory
  • Highest versatility for all workloads

  • Combined with 80GB of the fastest GPU memory

  • A100 is the engine of the NVIDIA data center platform

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NVIDIA 900-21010-0000-000 Graphics Processing unit (GPU) H100 80GB HBM2e Memory FHFL
  • Accelerated Data Analytics

  • Real-time Deep Learning Inference

  • Built for AI, HPC, and data analytics

  • Up to 7X higher performance for HPC applications

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NVIDIA 900-2G133-0010-000 Graphics Processing unit (GPU) ADA L40 48GB GDDR6 Memory FHFL
  • Onboard memory is 48 GB of GDDR6

  • Accommodates four DisplayPort connectors

  • supports the latest hardware-accelerated ray tracing

  • Passively cooled, Capable of 300 W maximum board power

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NVIDIA 935-22687-0030-000 Graphics Card Redstone GPU Baseboard

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NVIDIA 935-23087-0001-000 GPU HGX Single Baseboard 80GB of GPU Memory SXM

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NVIDIA PNY VCNRTXA6000-BLK Quadro RTXA6000 Graphics Card with 48GB GDDR6
  • Offering high performance real-time ray tracing

  • PCIe Gen 4, which provides double the bandwidth

  • OpenGL Quad Buffered Stereo Support, NVIDIA Quadro Sync II

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Supermicro 900-2G610-0000-000 Tesla P40 Graphic Card 24 GB GDDR5 Full-height
  • Dual-Slot, Full-Height PCI Express

  • 1x Decode Engine, 2x Encode Engine

  • Server-Optimized for Data Center Deployment

  • The world’s fastest CPU for inference workloads

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Supermicro 935-23587-0000-200 A100 GPU 80 GB SXM
  • Unprecedented acceleration at every scale

  • Up to 3x Higher AI Training on Largest Models

  • 2x Faster than A100 40GB on Big Data Analytics Benchmark

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Supermicro GPU-AMDMI210-PCIE-0008H AMD Instinct MI210 64GB HBM2E Memory FHFL Dual Slot
  • HPC, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Energy, Weather, Applications

  • MI210 accelerator delivers outstanding performance for HPC and AI

  • 64GB High-bandwidth HBM2e memory with ECC support at a clock rate of 1.6 GHz

  • Built on AMD Exascale-class technologies with the 2nd Gen AMD CDNA architecture

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Supermicro GPU-NVQGV100 NVIDIA PNY Quadro GV100 32GB HBM2 PCIe 3

• 32K texture and render processing
• NVIDIA Quadro MOSAIC technology
• Professional 3D stereo synchronization
• NVIDIA GigaThread engine with 7 async copy engines

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Supermicro GPU-NVQRTX8000 Graphics Card nVidia Quadro RTX8000 48 GB GDDR6 PCIe 3.0

• Four DisplayPort 1.4 Connectors; USB-C
• Equipped to handle latency-sensitive applications
• Built with 48GB of state-of-the-art GDDR6 memory

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Supermicro GPU-NVTHGX2-SXM3 nVidia HGX-2 GPU Baseboard 8x V100 32GB

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Supermicro GPU-NVTP40 NVIDIA Tesla P40 24GB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 - Passive Cooling

• Dual-Slot; Full-Height PCI Express
• 1x Decode Engine; 2x Encode Engine
• Server-Optimized for Data Center Deployment
• The world’s fastest CPU for inference workloads