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Supermicro CBL-SAST-1260-100 Cable MiniSAS HD x8 (LE) to 2x Slimline x4 (STR)
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  • Quick and easy installation

  • Fully tested, validated by Supermicro

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Supermicro CBL-SAST-1234FLP-85 Cable Slimline x8 (STR) to Slimline LP x8 (RE)
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  • 100% tested an end-to-end

  • Fully tested, validated by Supermicro

  • Verified with Supermicro servers, and motherboards

  • Cable is validated to ensure quality and performance

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Supermicro AOC-A25G-M2SM Network Adapter AIOM 2-port 25GbE SFP28
MFG Drop Ship
  • Asset Management Features with thermal sensor

  • Provides unparalleled density, performance, functionality

  • 25GbE deployments in cloud, telco, enterprise data centers

  • Network Controller Sideband Interface for Remote Management

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Micron MEM-DR432L-CV01-EU32 Memory 32GB DDR4-3200 2RX8 (16Gb) VLP ECC UDIMM
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  • Supermicro Certified Server Memory

  • 32GB DDR4 3200MHz Server Memory

  • Offers higher frequencies, greater bandwidth

  • Designed for the latest high-performance systems

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Micron MEM-DR416L-CL06-ER32 Memory 16GB DDR4-3200MHz 2RX8 LP ECC RDIMM
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• 16GB DDR4 3200 Server Memory
• Supermicro Certified Server Memory
• Offers higher frequencies; greater bandwidth
• Designed for the latest high-performance systems

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Supermicro MEM-DR480L-CL05-ER32 Memory 8GB DDR4 3200MHz ECC RDIMM
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• Offers higher frequencies; greater bandwidth
• Certified to ensure performance and reliability
• Designed for the latest high-performance systems
• Lower power consumption to maximize performance

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Mellanox MCX542A-ACAN Network Adapter ConnectX-5 EN 25Gigabit
MFG Drop Ship
  • Up to 25Gb/s connectivity per port

  • Enhanced vSwitch/vRouter offloads

  • Enabler for efficient service chaining capabilities

  • Ideal for Web 2.0, Cloud, Storage, Telco platforms

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Trip Lite PDUMH30HVATNET PDU Switched 5.0KW 208V 30A ATS
MFG Drop Ship
  • 19 built-in switched outlets (16 C13, 2 C19 & 1 L6-30R)

  • 2 digit display reports output power consumption in amps

  • 2U horizontal rackmount form factor, 12.5 in. / 31.8 cm depth

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APC AP7911B RACK PDU Switched, 2U Rackmount, 30A 208V
MFG Drop Ship
  • Integrates with InfraStruXure Central

  • Flash Upgradeable, Network Port Sharing

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Trip Lite PDUMH30HVNET PDU Switched 5.8KW 208-240V 30A
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  • Visual current meter, Reversible housing

  • Temperature, humidity, contact closure monitoring options

  • Switched 24A 208/230V PDU, 2U horizontal rackmount format

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Supermicro CSE-216BE2C-R609JBOD 2U Rackmount 600W/650W Power Supply
MFG Drop Ship
  • Ideal for Cloud backup, data Replication 

  • Includes three 80 mm heavy-duty, hot-swap fans

  • Equipped with Redundant, Platinum Power supply

  • Offers twenty-four hot-swap 2.5" SAS/SATA HDD bays

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Mellanox MCX555A-ECAT Network Adapter ConnectX-5 VPI, 100GBase-X
MFG Drop Ship
  • Tag Matching and Rendezvous Offloads

  • Adaptive Routing on Reliable Transport

  • NVMe over Fabric Offloads NVMe Device

  • Back-End Switch Elimination by Host Chaining

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Supermicro CBL-QSFP28AOC-30M-CO 98.42 ft (30M) QSFP to QSFP InfiniBand cable 100Gb/s
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  • Quick and easy installation

  • Fully tested, validated by Supermicro

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