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MSI 4090 VENTUS 3X 24G OC Graphics Processing unit (GPU) 24GB GDDR6X Memory Full-Height
  • Experience ultra-high performance gaming

  • Extreme Performance: 2565 MHz (MSI Center)

  • Huge heatsink ensure a cool and quiet experience

  • It’s powered by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture

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NVIDIA 900-21010-0000-000 Graphics Processing unit (GPU) H100 80GB HBM2e Memory FHFL
  • Accelerated Data Analytics

  • Real-time Deep Learning Inference

  • Built for AI, HPC, and data analytics

  • Up to 7X higher performance for HPC applications

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NVIDIA 900-2G133-0010-000 Graphics Processing unit (GPU) ADA L40 48GB GDDR6 Memory FHFL
  • Onboard memory is 48 GB of GDDR6

  • Accommodates four DisplayPort connectors

  • supports the latest hardware-accelerated ray tracing

  • Passively cooled, Capable of 300 W maximum board power

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NVIDIA 900-2G179-0020-100 Versatile Entry-Level GPU A2 Tensor Core 16 GB GDDR6 Low-profile
  • Up to 20X More Inference Performance

  • Higher IVA Performance for the Intelligent Edge

  • Low power, a small footprint, and high performance

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NVIDIA 900-5G133-0050-000 Quadro RTX6000 Ada Generation 48GB GDDR6 Memory Dual Slot
  • AV1 encode and decode support

  • Four DisplayPort 1.4a connectors

  • NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video support

  • 3D stereo support with stereo connector

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NVIDIA 935-22687-0011-200 Redstone GPU Baseboard with 4x A800 SXM4

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NVIDIA 935-23087-0001-000 GPU HGX Single Baseboard 80GB of GPU Memory SXM

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NVIDIA 935-23087-00A1-100 Redstone-Next GPU Baseboard with 4x H800 SXM5

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NVIDIA 935-24287-00A0-000 DELTA-NEXT GPU Baseboard with 8x H800 SX

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Nvidia 935-23587-0011-200 DELTA HGX GPU Baseboard for Eight A800 SXM4

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Nvidia 935-24287-0001-000 GPU HGX Single Baseboard 80GB of GPU Memory SXM

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PNY VCNRTXA4500-BLK Graphic Card NVIDIA Quadro RTX A4500 20GB GDDR6 Memory Active Fansink
  • Professional 3D Stereo Synchronization

  • Built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture

  • Error Correcting Code (ECC) on Graphics Memory

  • RTX A4500 series GPUs support PCI Express Gen 4