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PNY NVLINK2-2W2S-KIT Nvidia NVLink for Quadro GV100 (2pcs)

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Supermicro MCP-120-11802-0N 1U Bracket for Graphics Card Support GPU NVidia K5000
  • Fully tested, Compatible with NVidia K5000

  • Designed for Supermicro Chassis SC118 Series

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Supermicro MCP-120-42405-0N Mounting Bracket For BPN-ADP-2UPWR / BPN-ADP-2UGPU
  • Fully tested, validated by Supermicro

  • Supports BPN-ADP-2UPWR and BPN-ADP-2UGPU

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Supermicro MCP-240-11814-0N NVIDIA Universal Brackets Set For 1U 4xGPU SC118GQE Chassis
  • Designed for SC118GQE Chassis

  • Fully tested, validated by Supermicro

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Supermicro MCP-290-11803-0N L-Bracket For AOC-SAS2LP-H8IR
  • Compatible with AOC-SAS2LP-H8IR

  • Designed for Supermicro Chassis SC118GQ GPU-R1

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Supermicro MCP-310-84808-0B GPU Air Shroud 4U for Chassis SC848U
  • Fully tested, and validated by Supermicro

  • Designed for Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Cards

  • Compatible with Chassis 4U Chassis SC848U Series

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Supermicro RSC-G-A66-X 1U GPU Active Riser Card LHS for X10 Motherboards
  • Supports GPU/PHI, Thermal Sensor

  • Output: 2x PCI-E x16, Signal: 2x PCI-E x16

  • Compatible Supermicro X10 Motherboards

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Supermicro RSC-R1UG-2E8G-UP GPU Passive Riser Card LHS for UP X9 Motherboards and Later
  • Left-Hand side Position, Supports Gen 2 and 3

  • Compatible with Supermicro UP GPU Motherboards

  • Designed for Supermicro Chassis SC118GQ-R1800B

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Supermicro RSC-R1UG-2E8GR-UP GPU Passive Riser Card RHS for UP X9 Motherboards and Later
  • Supports Motherboard UP only, X9 and later

  • Compatible with Supermicro Chassis SC118GQ-R1800B

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Supermicro SNK-P0047PSC 1U Passive CPU Heatsink for X9 and X10 Generation Servers
  • 1U Passive Proprietary 

  • Side-Air-Channel CPU Heat Sink

  • Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 Series